The Whole 9 Months (Part 1)

28 Aug

I was married for two years before we finally decided to have a baby, I thought it was only fair for the baby for his parents to have a real go at marriage before bringing in him in to the mayhem. I am a child of divorce myself, and although I’m used to it by now, it still doesn’t seem fair that I have to struggle on B-days, Graduations, Christmases, etc. So when the “two year trial” was over we started trying. I was determined to have a baby as quickly as possible, so against my doctors orders (she though it would ruin the romance and excitement of the whole experience) I used the Happy Face Opks, and Boom what do you know, two tries later we were looking at a positive Home pregnancy test. I was happy, ecstatic, but I was also a little nervous. Um, I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I had prepared myself for a 6 month trying period. So it took me a little of base, crazy right? A totally planned pregnancy, and there I was nervous and unprepared. Thankfully the nervousness lasted only a few days, it was replaced by this huge never felt before love for the little person living inside of me, a love followed closely by  the fear of something going wrong.

The first 12 weeks were a source of constant worry for me, I was afraid of miscarrying and the fact that I read all these stories online certainly didn’t help. I am to this day a walking encyclopedia of pregnancy complications (Later while on bed rest I would complement pregnancy knowledge with labor knowledge courtesy of “One born every minute” by watching a daily episode). I took it one day at a time, and when the first trimester was over and the threat of miscarrying was gone, the fear was replaced by fetal length measurements, amniotic fluid levels and placental age.

But alas all went well in the land of pregnancy. No morning sickness, no mood swings, no nothing. I was one of the lucky ones. Right? Oh how wrong I was. After 6 months of perfect pregnancy, we went to Vegas for New Years day (A trip planned Pre-Pregnancy). It took us 2 Planes and 14 hours to get there. I was so big with a 6/7 month old belly that when I first entered the U.S, the customs officer actually asked me if the reason for my trip was to have my baby in the U.S illegally! I should have told him not only was I planning to have an “Anchor Baby” I was also probably gonna bet him in Vegas if I ran out of money. But U.S Visa you are hard to get, I kept my mouth shut and off to Vegas it was.

Since I had such an uneventful pregnancy I thought it was wise to abuse my body and walk all through Vegas all day and night long. Peter of course had other plans for us.


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