Off Topic Friday – I Too Cans Speak English

31 Aug

After a long day of thinking about it I have decided to take Friday’s off from mommy-hood  and write about my life in general here in my 3rd World Country. Don’t worry, I’m not locking Peter away in a cabinet as I write this (He doesn’t fit anymore). I guess I just want to be honest in all aspects of my life and not just motherhood. So here goes my first confession:  English is my second language. I studied it all through High School  but never really had the need to use it. So this is me asking you to forgive me if I ever mess up my Their, There’s, They’re.


In return for your patience I will try to do my best to  teach you some Spanish.   Here’s a first lesson…


feliz navidad



You’re welcome.


One Response to “Off Topic Friday – I Too Cans Speak English”

  1. mrsmouthyrsmouthy September 3, 2012 at 2:43 PM #

    Awesome. Why do I never think to do things like that?! I had NO idea English was your second language–your writing is impeccable!

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