Dear Peter : Please Roll Over

11 Sep

Peter is 9 days short of turning 6 months. He has hit most of his milestones right on time, which has made me a very happy mamma. The problem is he has yet to Roll Over. This milestone (I have read) is THE ONE that could give us some sign as to any sort of developmental delay. With everything that happened at his birth, and the fact that we have no clue what was the cause, we have no way of knowing how Peter was affected. I have tried not to think about it, but it’s a nasty thought that lingers. We know for a fact that there was nothing wrong with the placenta (The pathology results came back negative), so (thankfully) everything seems to point to Peter never having an oxygen shortage. Peter’s pediatrician told us he was fine and that we shouldn’t worry. But still, I worry. So I follow him closely.

He has rolled over from front to back a few times, 5 times to be exact; granted he hits his head every time he does it and looks at me with terror, so if I were him I wouldn’t be so eager to roll around; but he has yet to roll from back to front. And according to my good friend the internet, Peter should roll over before he turns six months. That leaves us with 9 days. 9 days people!  So of course I have been doing the sane thing and spent the last 3 weeks trying to lure him into rolling over.  Iv’e bought the toys, I’ve sang the songs. I’ve done the rolling. And still Peter refuses to roll. He is on the other hand, doing his best to sit up (and by doing his best I mean he does this mini-mini ab crunch were he lifts his head, turns red, grunts and then lets go; which also results in him hitting his head although this one he doesn’t seem to mind). So I’m all rolled out.

I know it’s silly and I’m just worrying for nothing, I know one day or a week can’t make a difference in how significant a milestone is.  But still, I want that milestone, it has become a big deal for me, for my peace of mind. So this is me asking Peter to roll over. I’ll stop asking for you to sleep through the night (although who are we kidding that would be nice too). Would you just roll over for your mother so that she can stop rolling over herself? Do we really need to keep singing Rolling in the Deep to get you in the mood?  I promise one roll and we’ll move on to sitting, I’ll do the ab crunches myself (mini crunches right?), we’ll learn to sit, to crawl, to walk. But first lets just roll. Deal?


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