A rough week, a Princess is born

6 Oct

Ok. First of all sorry for going Awol* on you all. I had a rough week and wasn’t able to blog. It was hard for me not to blog, I’ll admit it. I’m hooked to this blogging universe and even though I so wanted to write I wasn’t able to. I´ll will now give you a detailed account of what this week has entailed for me.

1. The mysterious rash.

I’ve been ill  since last Saturday. It started like some sort of rash, and since has evolved into a very weird looking… Rash; with flu like symptoms (So yes I have a rash).  Since this began on Saturday and I wasn’t able to go to the Doctor until Monday I spent the whole weekend consulting my dear trusted doctor, Mr. Google M.D. I ended up with some very scary options, and almost drove Phillip crazy (Is it bigger? Does this look like the photo to you? Look at it! You’re not looking close enough!) When Monday finally arrived I went to the Dr. He told me what he thinks I have and gave me medicine. I will not tell you what I have until it’s confirmed on Monday, I don´t want to jinx it, and yes I am that crazy.

2. Peter had his first head bump.

On Tuesday Peter experienced his first accident (The first of many according to his pediatrician, the first and last according to me if we finally decide to turn him into a bubble boy). The events went as follows: While I was trying to rest in bed, my mother was helping me out and playing with Peter. He recently learned how to sit and still hasn’t mastered the whole thing completely. So as she was showing him some toy, his eye caught another one and he threw himself on top of it like a moth to a flame. That’s when I heard a VERY loud thump. And seconds later, the highest, loudest cries someone so little has ever emitted.   I ran to my crying baby, only to see a whole side of his face with the shape of said toy/flame tattooed to his face. Even today you can still see the bruises in his face and guess which toy it was. Thankfully we went to the Dr. to have Peter checked and he said he was fine. He laughed it off. I wasn’t so amused. But I was glad Peter was Ok. We spent the rest of the day looking out for the “warning signs”, but little Peter didn’t even complain once.

3. A little Princess is born.

This is actually the reason for today’s entry. Today a little girl was born. She was only 24 weeks into her life when she decided she had had enough of her mother’s tummy and wanted to see the exciting world for herself. And so beautiful Baby E was born today. Her mother is one of my best friends, a sister to me. She had gone to Miami with her husband to do the required baby shopping (just as I did), suddenly they had a medical emergency and had to go to the Clinic. And unlike Peter, little Baby E couldn’t wait anymore and was born. She was (thankfully) born ok. She is small and fragile. And her mother is such a strong woman. I am so proud of her. Baby E came before her time, but the unconditional love was already waiting for her. We love her so much (her and her mother). They will have to wait a long time before they can come home. We will all  be waiting for them, and our love will only grow strong each day we are apart.

If you read this please think about Baby E and her family. Send them good thoughts. They can certainly use as many good vibes as they can get.

We love you Baby E Happy Birth Day.


*I just Googled Awol: Away without official leave.


One Response to “A rough week, a Princess is born”

  1. Ebelia October 8, 2012 at 5:00 PM #

    Its true baby E, we love you so much!!! Toda la energía y el amor del mundo para los papás en estos momentos tan duros. Los queremos mucho, no saben cuanto los pensamos… Con ustedes siempre.

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