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Off Topic Friday: Half a Man

24 Nov

We went to Miami this month so that Phillip could compete in a Half Ironman (Half, wimp right?). Anyway, as much as I would like to say I am proud of my husband and his achievements (half achievements). The Ironman has proven to be somewhat difficult for me to understand.  I for example don’t understand why anyone would put themselves through that kind of training. I have tried to explain to Phillip why I just don’t get it.

He finally sent me this video. My love, he gets it.

In case you don’t recognize me, that’s me in black and white telling Phillip he’s and idiot.


And here is my husband again. 5 Hours into the half-misery.




Guess who’s bringing Sexy Back?


In other news…

Phillip is competing in a full Ironman next year in Germany. So I guess by then he’ll finally be a full  Man?


Heil Halloween

18 Nov

This year was the first time in 7 years that Phillip and I have been together for Halloween. The lucky man has been out of town for the last 6 years. I love Halloween, Phillip hates it. Every year I come up with perfect costumes for him (Last year it was Freddy Mercury), and every time he has gone to a company retreat and missed it  (Suspicious right?). This year we were together for the first time in Miami. I couldn’t get him to dress up, but at least we got something awesome for Peter. Ok it wasn’t as awesome and legendary as I hoped it would be, but at least it was cute.

I actually spent a lot of time thinking about Peter’s first costume. I went from Yoda, to Smurf, to Pinocchio. I finally settled on Pinocchio only to realize that the costume was hand made, it cost 200 dollars and the lady who sold it would take 5 weeks to make it. It was one week before Halloween. I decided not to panic and quickly decided that I would buy a costume when we got to Miami. We finally ended up with a Fox. (See result below).

But before there was a fox, the topic of Peter’s first costume was deeply discussed with my family, especially my brother. We (he) came up with such a politically incorrect costume, that just cracked me up, that I have to share it with you. If only for this awful idea to live on. Before I tell you what it was, you need a little background.

Peter was born with a lot of hair. It soon began to fall out as it was (thankfully) expected. It almost all fell out except for a long strand of hair on the top of his head. Peter’s hair is a little red (we don’t know why), so when this strand got wet or messy it kind of stuck to his forehead and the boy ended up looking like Hitler after a long speech (yes, Adolph Hitler) for the rest of the day. So we obviously began to call it, his Hitler Hair.

Anyway when I told my brother about it, he laughed and said I had solved the question to Peter’s costume. I should dress him up like Hitler and put a sign on his hands that said “I told you I hate the Juice”. We laughed. Then he said: Too soon? And that was the end of that.

But still as tempted as I was to dress up Peter in such an inappropriate costume. I wanted the kid to have a happy first memory of Halloween, one where his parents and uncle weren’t using him for their own laughs. That begins next year. Or maybe this Christmas, there can never be too many baby Jesus.



In other news…

The Hitler Hair is gone now. Phillip did it himself. Peter’s first hair cut.

How do you mend a Broken Heart?

16 Nov

We’re thinking about changing Peter’s Dr. I recently wrote a post talking about how in love with him we were. Unfortunately things have changed. I haven’t made up my mind and we have until Monday to choose: Advice welcome.

Here’s what happened:

It all began almost a month ago at Peter’s 7 month checkup. I went alone because Phillip was away for two weeks on a business trip. When I arrived at the Doctor’s office there was a little girl in the waiting room about 2 years old with the most terrible flu you have ever seen. My Hypochondria immediately kicked in, and so my brain refused to sit in the same room as the girl with the “Ebola Virus*”. I was afraid Peter might catch her flu, so as soon as I saw the girl I closed the door and stood outside until it was our time to come in. I later realized it might have been slightly rude to close the door on a sick baby and her mother. But my fear of illness is greater than my sense of civism. Only thing was, Peter’s Doctor saw me close the door, so he knew we were outside the whole time. I don’t know if this is the reason we started the appointment with the wrong foot. But since it went so bad I’m considering all the possibilities.

After about ten minutes of waiting outside we were called into the Doctors office. The little girl still in the waiting room. When we went in. Peter’s Doctor was different. I mean his attitude towards us had changed from our last appointment. He was more serious and less patient with my monthly list . While he was checking Peter he called a fellow doctor to tell him he was leaving the next day on a trip (he said he was going to solve a family matter and he was dreading the whole thing) and he needed someone to look after the little girl. She was very sick and he was afraid of leaving her without support. When he hung up he wrote the name of the Dr. on a piece of paper and left to check on the girl. Unfortunately for us, as soon as he came in, he asked if Peter had gotten any teeth yet, and put his (unwashed) hand inside his mouth. I knew it as soon as it happened: The virus had found a new victim.

The rest of the appointment went fine. The Doctor remained serious the whole time. Not even Peter’s smile broke the ice. I left feeling uneasy. Like I had done something wrong. I went over the appointment in my head. I realize how crazy this sounds that I care this much about Peter’s Dr. But as I said before he is my anchor to sanity, so it broke my heart. I guess he had a lot on his mind with his trip the next day, and the little girl, but still.

The next day, things went from bad to worse in our Doctor, baby, mother relationship.  Peter woke up with a terrible cough and a stuffy nose. He had caught the virus. I knew the Doctor had left the country so there was no way of calling him. Phillip was still on his business trip so that meant I had to deal with Peter’s first illness all by myself (He also got his two bottom teeth that day, so double the fun). I resorted to writing to him via WhatsUp. I wrote that Peter was ill, and explained the symptoms, cough, nose, fever. I asked for advice on what to do. I got no answer. I wrote to him again, as things got worse with Peter. No answer. You might be thinking he probably didn’t get my text since he was out of the country.  Thing is, I know he saw them. You see,  WhatsUp  tells you if your message was received and when was the last time the person used the chat (Cyber Stalking). So I knew he had seen my messages. But I never got an answer. We were going on a trip abroad ourselves in 3 days, and I was afraid of travelling so far away with a sick baby. I remembered the name of the Doctor he had referred the little girl to. So I called. I got an appointment the next day. I took Peter and explained the situation. I left out the little girl story. He looked at Peter and told me he had an ear infection and needed antibiotics. He said we were just in time of treating it before the plane ride, so good thing I came in. He gave me his number and told me to call him and tell him how things were going.

I fell in love. I knew it would happen (after all he’s a doctor and was looking after Peter). But what charmed me most was the fact that I could see a lot of Phillip in him. He is this sweet man, with long white hair, a little crazy in the eyes, and a Let it be philosophy, that just reminded me of my husband. I called him a few times to ask questions and let him know how things were evolving with Peter. We went on our trip, and Peter got better as the days went by.

When we got home I made an appointment with him so that he could check Peter’s ears, but mostly so that Phillip could meet him. He fell in love (I knew it would happen). He gave us lots of advice and spoke to us as if we were with him for the long run. So now we have a big decision to make. Philip says we should switch to the new Dr. I’m not sure.

I don’t know what I want. I’ve thought all week about why this has become such a difficult decision for me to make and this is what I realized: I don’t want to tell Peter’s birth story again. I don’t want to look in to his face and read or hear something might be wrong. So far Peter’s Dr. has assured us we don’t have to worry. I don’t want that to change. I’m afraid.

We’re out of time. Peter’s monthly appointment with his old Dr. is on Monday so by then I have to have an answer. I’ll tell you my decision next week!


*The flu Peter caught is now referred to in our family as the Ebola Virus, since it spread like wildfire: First to me, then my mother, then Phillip, and finally to my father in law (all of us in a week).

** I do believe its rude to leave a room if someone is sick. But I just can’t help myself. In my defense, when I’m sick, and when Peter was sick I stayed outside with him so that no other children would catch it.

*** I’m so glad to be back and writing!! Cheers!!

The Disappearing act.

15 Nov

I know, I know. I said I would never go missing again, and yet here I am, almost a month after my last post. I know I have a lot of explaining to do. And I will. There has been a lot going on. Hopefully you will be able to forgive me.  Let me begin by giving you a list of the events that led to this disappearing act.  

1. Peter got his first (Terrible, Horrible) Flu, while his Dr. was on vacation, and just 3 days before we were supposed to go on a trip our selves. Then he gave it to me.

2. Peter got his first teeth (Bottom two) while he had the Flu

3. We went to Miami to see Phillip complete half an Iron man (Peter´s first trip abroad)

4. We came home only to realize that Peter wasn´t adapting so well to coming back home

5. We are thinking about changing Peter´s Dr.

6. I´m back to writing.

So there. That´s what I´ve been up to. There will be a full detailed account. I promise. Being away for so long made me realize just how much writing this blog means to me. So thanks for hanging on. It means the world to me.


In other news…

When we went to Miami we met up with Baby E´s Parents. She is doing well so far. Growing and charming everyone at the clinic with her looks. She is now more than a month old. Time flies. Keep the good thoughts coming!!!