The Disappearing act.

15 Nov

I know, I know. I said I would never go missing again, and yet here I am, almost a month after my last post. I know I have a lot of explaining to do. And I will. There has been a lot going on. Hopefully you will be able to forgive me.  Let me begin by giving you a list of the events that led to this disappearing act.  

1. Peter got his first (Terrible, Horrible) Flu, while his Dr. was on vacation, and just 3 days before we were supposed to go on a trip our selves. Then he gave it to me.

2. Peter got his first teeth (Bottom two) while he had the Flu

3. We went to Miami to see Phillip complete half an Iron man (Peter´s first trip abroad)

4. We came home only to realize that Peter wasn´t adapting so well to coming back home

5. We are thinking about changing Peter´s Dr.

6. I´m back to writing.

So there. That´s what I´ve been up to. There will be a full detailed account. I promise. Being away for so long made me realize just how much writing this blog means to me. So thanks for hanging on. It means the world to me.


In other news…

When we went to Miami we met up with Baby E´s Parents. She is doing well so far. Growing and charming everyone at the clinic with her looks. She is now more than a month old. Time flies. Keep the good thoughts coming!!!


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