Off Topic Friday : The Airport Logo

7 Sep

*Today’s entry is going to be short but sweet. We have a dinner party tonight. A dear friend of mine is turning 30. We’re waiting for the sitter and off we go for some adult time.

So here’s the story: There’s sort of an internet up-rise going on in my country. You see, a very popular news reporter weaseled his way into designing the new Airport Logo (El Dorado). He has no background studies of graphic design or anything of the sort. The airport is being re-built and with some many dirty hands in politics, we the people have been keeping a hawk eye at the construction. So of course people were, to say the least, curious to see what this reporter would deliver. 

Here’s what 6 months of work led him to:




People we’re furious. I personally wasn’t so appalled until they published the logo he had copied it from. So now people are bombarding this man all over the internet. They have created groups, pages, blocked his accounts, insulted him via twitter, etc.

They even started a page where people send their “best” logo design. This is my favorite.



People can be mean, but they can also be very funny.

In case you want to see the other designs here’s a link : (At the end of the page)


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