Peter, he rolls!!

13 Sep

So apparently my 5 month old boy has been reading my blog. Not only did he sleep through the night* but he has rolled,and not just once, but several times. Yes, here writes a very happy mamma.

Here are some photos to prove that this actually happened. I thought it was only fair for Peter to be able to see his accomplishments for himself (since he is so clearly following my blog).

** Sorry in advance: I went a little crazy on the Hipstamatic effects on my phone


He rolls! The boy rolls!


And of course the Mini ab-crunch


And just his “Put the camera away woman” look.

*Peter slept through the night, I on the other hand didn’t. I woke up at 3:00 a.m only to realize my son hadn’t made a peep. So I of course, got up and went into his room to check if he was breathing, you know the usual. I did my best not to poke him. Luckily just as my finger was about to touch him he moved. Back to bed it was, for some: Are all mothers this crazy? I’ll do my best to stay in bed tonight. Probably just some monitor staring for me.


One Response to “Peter, he rolls!!”

  1. mrsmouthy September 13, 2012 at 4:40 PM #

    Yes, we all get freaked out when our baby doesn’t wake up his usual 2-3 hours and yes, we all poke. 😉 Awesome about the rolling…and pretty cool about the reading, too. What an adorable little man you have there!

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