Off Topic Friday : The Misleading Mommy?

28 Sep

Phillip very kindly pointed out yesterday that the name I so carefully, dutifully and thoughtfully chose for my blog is a little misleading for the people that may be interested in reading about a third world mother. He kindly (see how I threw kindly in there again?) told me that when I write that we had Bordeaux wine and cognac on my birthday it may not be what the readers are expecting at all. At first I didn’t agree with him, Oh Sweet Phillip you don’t know what you’re talking about, then it became; Are YOU writing this blog? At this point I’m thinking he may be right (Don’t tell him).

I guess when someone pops in to read my blog they are probably not only expecting to read about the struggles of motherhood alone, but also about the struggles of a mother with what the “worlds” perception of third world countries should be like. So I guess instead of drinking wine a third world mother, would  for example, have had to walk 10 miles to the nearest drinking well, for water. So I’m sorry if at any point you were waiting for me to tell you how we make our own clothes, milk the goats, build the huts. The truth is I’m a regular person, who lives in a beautiful yet regular country (a country that thanks to it’s development is referred to as a Third World Country). A regular mother who discovered it doesn’t matter where we’re from, we share the same battles (children wise). Every country on the other hand has different issues to solve. But behind our own closed doors, we the mothers, we are alike.

But hey, I get it. You come in here looking for the struggles, the dirt (literally), and there I am, all wined up in a fancy restaurant on my birthday.

I’m sorry if the blog’s name doesn’t fit the writing.  I’ll do my best to illustrate the Third Worldliness of it all in my Off Topic Fridays. But as far as motherhood goes, this is all I have, my own battles. Ok, who am I kidding? I’m a sucker for readers. If you stick around I promise to wash Peter in a lake and feed him slugs. Not enough? When he learns to walk or better yet, when he learns to signal I’ll make sure he joins a gang. Still not scrolling down? I’ll put him in a raft and together we’ll make sure he becomes more famous than Elian, the little Cuban boy. Deal? There. Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of this entry. What do you mean it’s over?. Yep see you tomorrow.

Since I have the suspicion Phillip doesn’t really read my blog, more like the tittle and the final phrase. We’ll leave him with the following (We don’t want him to get a big head):

So I guess the conclusion to all this rambling is that Phillip was wrong. Thank God he’s Pretty.


In other news: Here are some other blog names I considered before I chose the Oh so wrong, Third World Mommy.

1. The Hypochondriac Mother (Which sounds like at some point Peter’s gonna get hurt).

2.The Hyper Mommy ( Which sounds like I’m doing a lot of moving around, and we all know I’m not).

3. The Colombian Mommy (Which would have also forced me to write this entry apologizing for the lack of drug reference).

4. The Honest Parent (Which, Zzzzzz Right?)

I won’t ask for your suggestions since the ship for the Name of the Blog has already sailed (And frankly I don’t like to be outsmarted, who does?).


One Response to “Off Topic Friday : The Misleading Mommy?”

  1. Gabriel October 10, 2012 at 11:50 PM #

    Pues Colombia es del tercer mundo pero el termino en realidad no tiene que ver con desarrollo .En via de desarrollo seria lo correcto, claro que el nombre del blog seria un poco largo y aburrido. the developing country mom??jaja. Deje asi!!

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