The Dr. is In

9 Oct

I bet after Saturdays post you are all waiting anxiously for me to tell you what was wrong with me. Maybe you have a rash of your own and you want me to tell you what I had so you can compare. Before I tell you what the diagnostic was, I feel I have a little “I love Doctors” explaining to do.

I´m a Hypochondriac. A BIG one. The worst kind (In that not only do I think I have every disease possible, I have had my share of weird illnesses, which just adds fuel to the crazy). I can’t remember the amount of times I have said to myself: This is it. Say goodbye. I have it. Google says I do, he (she?) must be right. On the bright side I am fully aware of my craziness, and of the fact that there are faceless victims (Phillip), who have to deal with the array of illnesses I think I might have on any given day. Since I’m aware of how insane it can actually get, when I got pregnant with Peter I made a vow that I wouldn’t pass this side of me on to him.  So I have done my best to stay away from Google when it comes to Peter. I only read what I can from the Baby Pages I subscribed to while pregnant. And anytime I feel something is wrong all I can do is call his Doctor. I refuse to speculate with Peter like I do with me. I can’t even imagine the anguish I would feel while searching and reading the possibilities (which who are we kidding, are almost always cancer). So I refrain.

You might remember in one of my previous posts I said that I liked going to Peter´s pediatrician almost as much as I liked my Birth Day. And I meant it will all my heart. Since I don’t allow myself to Google Peter’s symptoms, going to his Dr. for me, means unloading a month’s worth of worries. Every time he asks me if I have any questions, I take out my monthly list. My face turns red as I begin to read a list composed of: 2 smart/relevant questions, some 20 are you really asking him that? questions, and some 5 or 10 I had written down, but realized just then how crazy that would made me sound which I ultimately skip. I can feel the pressure as the Doctor waits for the questions, and he can clearly see I’m scanning to find the most reasonable ones, toning the crazy down. Still he answers each and everyone of them. And when a crazy one escapes me (and we both know it), he smiles, the warmest smile, and says, no (or yes, but mostly no). 

The last time we went there, I told him of two “medical” solutions to some of Peter´s symptoms that I had though of by myself. He told me to call him the next time. Really? You’re opening that door? I don’t bother you enough? (I have him on Iphone Messenger, and I write to him (constantly)). Call me. What beautiful words.   

Anyway, my love for Doctor’s doesn’t end with Peter’s pediatrician. I’m also in love with all of my mother’s doctors (Phillip: father/daughter love). My dream is for my mother to marry one of her Doctors (any specialty will do), then we (my brother and I, since he is also a Hypochondriac) could call him all the time, and since it would be in his best interest for us to like him he would have to hop on the family crazy train.    Ok. I just read that last paragraph and that’s a lot of crazy (even for me). But hey, can’t a girl dream?


In other news…

You didn’t think I would leave you wondering what I have after all did you? Here’s what I got: Herpes Zoster. a.k.a The Shingles, Chicken Pox 2, The itchiest/don’t scratch it rash, The OMG what is that rash.

In some other serious news. While searching online for my rash, I came up with (you guessed it) cancer. This type of cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer doesn’t present with the lump we are all searching for on a monthly base. The basic symptoms are as follows: Swollen Breast (like mastitis) or Red rash with itchiness or Inverted nipple, or are Bruise that won’t go away. This symptoms come all of a sudden. I had no idea this existed. If you develop something strange that’s out of the norm for you, please contact your Dr. quickly. And pass this knowledge on to other women.


Baby E Update….

Little E is doing (thankfully) great. She is a strong baby. Keep the good thoughts coming! 


2 Responses to “The Dr. is In”

  1. Gabriel October 11, 2012 at 12:01 AM #

    Tienes que convencer a Felipe de hacer un blog con su lado de la historia! seria genial leer los dos!! Keep on!! mommyng! 😛


  1. How do you mend a Broken Heart? « 3rd World Mommy - November 16, 2012

    […] towards us had changed from our last appointment. He was more serious and less patient with my monthly list . While he was checking Peter he called a fellow doctor to tell him he was leaving the next day […]

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